Welcome to Primero Equine Nutrition and a simple TOTAL Horse Feed solution

This is the first step on the route to being a part of the simple, successful philosophy on feeding and caring for horses in the modern day by applying the principles and nutrition they would choose if they still had a choice as the free roaming herbivores they once were.

Pioneering Feed formulated by Equine Physiologists for Optimum Digestion, Health and Performance.

Because we are qualified equine physiologists and nutritionists, we will always provide you with the absolute best possible advice and nutrition to ensure that your horse remains healthy from the inside out, regardless of breed, age, work type, temperament, life stage or environment. We have proven over the past 10 years how Total Horse feed supports your horse from birth, throughout life to retirement. Let us prove to you how we can help your horse to remain in equilibrium and the best of health throughout life.

We  believe that to ensure our horses remain healthy on the inside, we must provide food that contains natural ingredients, suited to the evolved digestive system of the horse.







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